Data analytics, the next step for manufacturers

Data analysis plays a key role for the manufacturing industry of the future. With rapidly increasing amounts of data, more connected machines and devices, it will be critical to have clear processes and tools for data analysis.

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The future of manufacturing

4th Industrial Revolution

It is called IR 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution that takes us from the previous step that was about robotization, automation and digitization. Now new challenges await. IR 4.0 includes many different areas, including integrated machines, IoT, smart properties, AI, 3D printing and more areas. When you look more closely at the technologies that drive development, most have one thing in common, data. With more and more technologies, systems and sensors, it becomes important to have the right tools that can centralize data and the analysis of data. Being able to do "big data" analyzes using AI and Machine Learning becomes necessary to find the connections that people otherwise miss.

Data analytics is the core in IR 4.0

Data-driven mindset

Data-driven mindset is a concept for when we use facts and data for our decisions. The ability to understand the significance of data. See what data that is required to make the right decision, how the data needs to be analyzed. In a future where the amounts of data are enormous, it is important to nurture a culture in the company that encourages and fosters data-driven thinking. It is about integrating the analysis into existing processes and routines. But also provide tools that can efficiently analyze data. It is no longer just the excel nerds who need to analyze, therefore both simpler and more powerful tools are needed.

Powerful platform

Enabi is a web-based tool that can be used by many different devices. With the help of powerful data management, enabi can produce and visualize insights that previously has been almost impossible to make. An easy-to-use program that helps more people analyzing more.

  • Future-proof centralization of data across different systems
  • Integrate data analytics into core business processes
  • Interactive business analytics on the web
  • Use TV monitors to distribute information efficiently
  • Stop wasting time building and maintaining reports
  • More efficient meetings with immediate feedback and insights

The digitalization journey

1. Digitalization, 2. Analytics

The manufacturing industry has come a long way in the digital journey. The digital systems hold huge amounts of data, data that could lead to new important insights, which can strenghten the competitiveness. The challenge is to take advantage of the potential - and with the right analysis tools it is possible.

Ready for the future of analytics?

We love talking data analytics and business intelligence. All companies are different and therefore the needs also look different for each company. We get you up and running with a roadmap for how you can become a data-driven organization.

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